Translations for Clinical Trials

When quality and speed of translation are equally important, there is no room for trade-offs. From Investigator’s Brochures to Patient Information Cards, all documents are translated on time and with premium quality.

Quality staff: We know the ways of cutting costs for translation services, but we never economize on our human resources. All our translators, reviewers, and subject matter experts are top-tier experts who have demonstrated exceptional achievements in their fields of expertise.

Quality process: Our translation procedures fully comply with the ISO 17100:2015 requirements. After the translation by an experienced linguist each document is reviewed by an independent reviewer and validated by a subject matter expert.

Quality technology: We use the industry’s top CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tool, ensuring consistency across all documents, offering discounts for TM (Translation Memory) matches, and building terminological databases for each of our clients.

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